It’s fall now – and while we’re admiring the colors of the leaves, enjoying football season, the cool mornings, and the evening temperatures, fall is also a reminder of what’s next: winter. And we don’t need to tell you that Pittsburgh is certainly no stranger to cold, snowy winters. Winter brings with it a bevy of challenges, one being how to care for your flooring. Yes, when cold weather hits snow, slush, and salt have a tendency to get tracked into the home or office. When this happens, it’s good to know how to care for your floors, no matter what type of flooring it is. That’s why our experts at Floor Coverings International Pittsburgh have put together a quick winter floor care guide.

Hardwood flooring winter care in Pittsburgh

Your Guide to Winter Floor Care

Use mats both inside and outside of the home:

The best way to prevent debris and salt from wreaking havoc on your flooring is to prevent it from getting into the home or office altogether. And while entry mats may not be able to keep 100 percent of winter byproducts from entering the home, they can do a whole lot of good. We recommend placing coarse, rough mats outside of entrances to accumulate larger winter debris and mats that are more absorbent indoors. After your mats are in place, just be sure to maintain them at least once a week.

Bust out the dry mop:

Have hardwood floors? Then you should already know that moisture and water are major no-no’s when it comes to hardwood. Unfortunately, snowy winters have the tendency to bring more moisture into the home. To combat this, just make sure that you have a dry mop handy to conduct regular sweeps on hardwood to keep moisture from penetrating into the floor boards.

Humidity fluctuations:

Winter also has the tendency to bring changes in humidity. This can be another big problem with hardwood floors. To beat the humidity changes, consider using portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers when necessary in rooms with hardwood floors to prevent damage. While hardwood floors all have some give and take, controlling humidity is a smart call.

Be smart:

You can solve a lot of problems that winter weather brings, regardless of the flooring you have, by simply removing your shoes after you enter your home or office (and instructing guests to do the same).
The good news is that winter floor care just requires a bit of extra attention and possibly a bit of extra effort. If you are in need of new flooring for your home or business, contact Floor Coverings International Pittsburgh today. We offer free consultations to the greater Pittsburgh, Wexford, Cranberry areas.

Photo Credit: Ozgur Coskun