wood vinyl plank

There’s a reason more modern vinyl tile has the word “luxury” attached to it. This isn’t the same cheap material that filled homes sixty years ago. New styles are specially made to be more durable, easy to install and surprisingly affordable. If it’s time for new floors in your home, but you aren’t looking to make a big investment in solid hardwood or natural stone, it could be perfect for you.


Durable Construction

LVT is made with a thick layer of very durable vinyl. This is topped with a special 3D image (more on that later), and finished with a special wear layer. This wear layer helps to resist scratches and dents from daily traffic. It turns a somewhat durable flooring material into a great investment that can last for years in your home.


The Perks of 3D Imaging

The designs you see on a tile or plank of luxury vinyl are made through an innovative 3D imaging process. A thin layer is printed with a given design that imitates another type of natural flooring material. The layer is also given texture so that when you touch the floor it actually feels like the slate tile or cherry hardwood that it looks like.


A Range of Options

One of the best things about luxury vinyl is the range of styles it’s available in. You can choose a classic vinyl floor look, or you can opt for something that imitates natural flooring materials. Here are the most common categories of luxury vinyl that our customers love at Floor Coverings International Pittsburgh:


Natural Stone Tiles

These tiles can look like a range of natural stones. Some of the most popular options are travertine, marble, slate and terracotta. These styles even come with grout that can be installed between tiles to make them more realistic. Lastly, these tiles are often made to be virtually waterproof. That means you can install them on the bathroom floor or even in the shower without worrying about moisture damage.


Hardwood Planks

This is a style that our customers in the Pittsburgh, Wexford, Cranberry area especially love. The vinyl is cut into thinner pieces to imitate wood planks in both look and shape. Vinyl planks are also a great option because they aren’t as affected by moisture as hardwood. You can choose from a range of styles including classic looks like American cherry, red oak and chestnut. Or, you can opt for a modern style with a gray wood floor. The style options with vinyl plank are virtually endless!


Photo Credit: valentina razumova